GMOs in Burkina Faso

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GMOs in Burkina Faso describes market for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Burkina Faso, including policies that allow or ban them. Burkina Faso was one of the first three African nations to allow GMOs. However, in 2012, after only a few years, the nation abandoned growing Bt cotton due to poor yields and fiber quality.[1] In 2011, farmers in Burkina Faso planted 70% GMO cotton from Monsanto and only 30% conventional seeds. However, they did not get the boost in yields they desired and, more importantly, the quality of the fiber was poor. The low fiber quality meant a 10% reduction in the prices they could sell the cotton for. So in 2012, they are switching back to conventional cotton. They are open to trying Bt cotton again in the future but feel that Monsanto needs to do more work to improve the quality of their seeds.

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