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Dr. Georgette Bennett "has had a distinguished career as an academic sociologist, author, organizational development consultant, broadcast journalist, and marketing specialist. As President of the Tanenbaum Center since 1992, she has pioneered work on religious diversity in the workplace making the Tanenbaum Center the leading resource on this issue. To address deadly sectarian conflicts, the Peacemakers in Action program identifies religiously-motivated individuals working on the ground to intervene in armed conflicts – often at considerable risk to their freedom and lives. In a distinct case study method, Bennett analyzes approaches to religious peacemaking and evaluates their applicability to other conflicts. As part of the Tanenbaum Center’s broader program in religion and conflict resolution, the Peacemakers program has gained the recognition of the United Nations, Carnegie Corporation, Henry Luce Foundation, and important NGOs also engaged in peacemaking.

"Dr. Bennett has received many awards and prizes including the 1997 Interfaith Gold Medallion from the International Council of Christians and Jews, the Nostra Aetate award from the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding, and the Global Tolerance Award from the Friends of the United Nations." [1]

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