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Global Solutions Ltd. (GSL) describes itself as "a leader in the provision of critical support services for public authorities and corporate organisations internationally. Governments, local authorities and private companies on three continents have entrusted GSL to build and manage facilities, infrastructure and people on their behalf." [1]

In other words, GSL specializes in providing privatized government services via the Private Finance Initiative, also known as Public Private Partnerships [2].

GSL and prison privatization

GSL operates private prisons in Britain, South Africa, and Australia [3]:



GSL describes itself as being "at the forefront of privatisation of prisons in partnership with governments in Australia" [4]:

South Africa

Immigration Detention Centres run by Global Solutions Ltd

Global Solutions runs the following Immigration Detention Centres for the British government [6]:

Allegations of abuse at GSL's Oakington Detention Centre

In March 2005, an undercover BBC television investigation at Oakington Detention Centre revealed evidence of racism and violence. Fifteen GSL employees were suspended from front-line duties. [7] According to a BBC News report on the programme, GSL employee Jason Martin said to one inmate:

"You think you're not going to do anything 'cos a white person tells you what to do. Well I'm afraid you're wrong. My great-grandfather shot your great-grandfather and nicked his f****** country off you for 200 years." [8]


GSL's sponsorship of the 'Awards for Excellence'

Since 1999, GSL has sponsored the Awards for Excellence, which "give much deserved recognition to the work of the police press and public relation officers." [11]

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