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Greening Australia is an environmental organization with a network of over 350 staff in 80 locations across Australia which "was formed in 1982 by the United National Association of Australia and the Nursery Industry Association of Australia, to mark the international Year of the Tree." [1]

According to their website they are "a solutions-driven organisation that is doing something practical about Australia’s environmental problems. We do much more than simply plant trees. Greening Australia tackles critical issues like salinity, declining water quality, soil degradation, climate change and biodiversity loss through an innovative blend of practical experience, science, community engagement and commitment. ... Greening Australia lives and works with people from remote, regional and metropolitan communities. As Australia’s premier advisers on vegetation management, Greening Australia is passionate about protecting and restoring the health, diversity and productivity of our unique landscapes." [2]

Seeds for Life

Seeds for Life project is being carried out with the Australian Centre for Minerals Extension and Research. [3]



Michael Deeley was a previous President of Greening Australia Victoria. [4]


"Since 1982, Greening Australia has worked in close partnership with landholders, the community, business and all levels of government to tackle environmental degradation. The Australian Government is a key partner for Greening Australia. Through the Australian Government's Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) programme, Greening Australia delivers Exchange - National Vegetation Knowledge Service and Rivery Recovery. Greening Australia, in partnership with Job Futures, works with the Australian Government to deliver the Green Corps youth initiative, administered by the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. Greening Australia is also supported by corporate business, such as Alcoa World Alumina Australia, local government, councils, and many other organisations wishing to contribute to combating the environmental challenges facing Australia." [5]

Platinum partners

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