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Gwendolyn Toynton is the owner of Numen Books [1] and the publisher of the Primordial Traditions series, which formerly ran as a free quarterly publication for four years and one year as a paid publication, finishing publication in 2010. She is a writer and has currently edited three books.

She is an Australian citizen and former resident of Christchurch, New Zealand where she was employed by the University of Canterbury. Following the destructive Christchurch Earthquake [2], she relocated to rural Australia where she currently resides.


The Primordial Tradition (2009, Twin Serpents)

Northern Traditions[3]

Mythos: The Myths and Tales of H.P. Lovecraft & Robert E. Howard[4]

Gwendolyn has also published articles in New Dawn Magazine [5], and has a poem included in the New Zealand Collection of Poetry & Prose 2002.

She was the recipient of the Ashton Wylie Award for Literary Excellence in 2010 [6] , an event which was covered by a number of media outlets in New Zealand and was presented by John Banks, the Mayor of Auckland.

A number of her past articles are available on her the Primordial Traditions [7] website.

Topics on which she written include Tantra, Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Norse Mythology, Alchemy, Philosophy, Poetry and Horror Fiction.

Forthcoming works by Gwendolyn Toynton include The Tantrik Tradition, Northern Traditions II, Tantric Traditions, and The Primordial Tradition.

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