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HeiQ AGS-20is an antimicrobial nanosilver treatment for textiles made by the company HeiQ Materials AG. Nanosilver is a controversial material as it is antimicrobial but also may harm the environment and human health. HeiQ AGS-20 received conditional registration as a pesticide from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2012:

"EPA issued a notice, published in the Federal Register of March 31, 2010, (75 FR 16109) (FRL-8806-9), which announced that the company, HeiQ Materials AG (on behalf of its agent/Gaughn Consulting)... had submitted an application to register the pesticide product, HeiQ AGS-20, a product that would be used as an antimicrobial and preservative additive used to treat fibers, plastics, polymers, latex products and ceramics (EPA File Symbol 85249-R), containing the active ingredient silver, which includes particles in the size range between 1 and 100 nm) at 19.3%. HeiQ subsequently submitted a revised label limiting use to the treatment of fibers only. This active ingredient has not been included in any previously registered product.
"Listed below is the application conditionally approved on December 1, 2012 for silver:
"HeiQ AGS-20, the end use product, (EPA Registration Number 85249-1), an antimicrobial and preservative additive used to treat fibers."[1]

HeiQ joined with Huntsman Textile Effects to brand its nanosilver treatment as "Pure."[2] Pure is used on:

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