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Heikki Patomaki, Professor of International Relations, University of Helsinki. [1]

"Consultations for various Ministries and the Parliament of Finland; various European parliaments; the UN Department of Political Affairs; the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs; UNRISD (the UN Research Institute for Social Development); UK Department for International Development; New or Restored Democracies process; International ATTAC; and a number of transnational NGOs." [2]


  • Global Economic Decay. Future Crises and Changes of Global Governance (Routledge, 2007).
  • A Possible World: Democratic Transformation of Global Institutions, with Teivo Teivainen (Zed Books, 2004).
  • After International Relations. Critical Realism and the (Re)Construction of World Politics (Routledge, 2002).
  • Democratising Globalisation. The Leverage of the Tobin Tax (Zed Books, 2001).

Research Interests

"This part of the “Limits of International Law” venture will include Milja Kurki, together with me, examining the democratization processes and policies promoted by the US and the EU. Moreover, this project will also involve my own book-project on the theory of global democratization. Following several both abstract conceptual and concrete (in part also empirical) studies on both domestic and global democratization, my plan is to develop the main arguments into a book form, tentatively entitled A Theory of Global Democratization: Time, Space and the Emancipatory Process (Palgrave/MacMillan as a possible publisher)." [3]

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