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Helena Norberg-Hodge wiki "a linguist by training and a native of Sweden, has been extremely critical of conventional notions of development. She is the author of the highly acclaimed Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh (San Francisco: Sierra Club Books, 1991). She first went to Ladakh in 1975 and shortly thereafter founded the Ladakh Project, with the goal of providing Ladakhis with the means to make more informed choices about their own future. For her work as Director of the Ladakh Project, Helena Norberg-Hodge shared the 1986 Right Livelihood Award, otherwise known as the 'Alternative Nobel Prize'. She is the Director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture in London." [1]

"Helena is also a founding member of the International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture, and a co-founder of both the International Forum on Globalization and the Global Ecovillage Network." [2]

The 2011 film, the Economics of Happiness was narrated by Helena Norberg Hodge - a film which is based on her 1991 book Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh and her 1993 film by the same name.


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