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Herbert Girardet "was born in Germany to a family of Huguenot background. He went to the UK in 1963 as a student and decided to make his home there. He is married with two grown-up sons. He has a B Sc Econ (LSE).

"Herbert Girardet is a social anthropologist and cultural ecologist, now working as a writer, consultant and filmmaker. His main focus in recent years has been the sustainable development of cities and contemporary lifestyles. He is a recipient of a UN ‘Global 500 Award for Outstanding Environmental Achievements’, and an honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects." [1]


Books and reports

  • 1986: Far from Paradise, ‘the story of human impact on the planet’; BBC Publications, London, four foreign editions; (co-author)
  • 1987: Blueprint for a Green Planet; ‘how to take practical action to fight pollution’; Dorling Kindersley, London, 12 foreign editions; (co-authored with John Seymour and Ian Penney)
  • 1992: Earthrise, ‘how we can heal our injured planet’; Paladin Books, HarperCollins, London; Published for the Rio Earth Summit; (author)
  • 1992: The Gaia Atlas of Cities, ‘new directions for sustainable urban living’, Gaia Books, London, four foreign editions; special edition for Habitat II, Istanbul, June 1996; (author)
  • 1995: Getting London in Shape for 2000; report for London First on how London could take measures for sustainable development; (author)
  • 1996: Making Cities Work: ‘the role of local authorities in the urban environment’; Earthscan, London. Commissioned by the UN for Habitat II, Istanbul, June 1996; (Editor)
  • 1996: Creating a Sustainable London, report for Sustainable London Trust on implementing sustainable development in London; (co-author)
  • 1999: Creating Sustainable Cities, Green Books, Dartington; (author)
  • 2001: Tall Buildings and Sustainability, report for the Corporation of London; (co-author)

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