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Holger J. Thuss, "is a native of Jena, Germany. He studied modern history and law at the Jena University and finished his studies with a PhD in 2005. Between 1996 and 2004 he worked for various interest organizations in Bonn, Brussels and Berlin. In 2004 he co-founded CFACT Europe and serves as its Executive Director. Dr. Thuss carries CFACT’s vision to conferences, seminars, and government meetings throughout the European Union. In 2005, CFACT Europe presented its views on free-market environmentalism to the Second European Resource Bank Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2006, CFACT Europe organized and sponsored a lecture of East German civil rights activist and writer Mrs. Freya Klier in Jena, Germany. In 2007, CFACT Europe was the proud co-sponsor of the first alternative, free-market oriented conference on climate change in Berlin, Germany.

"CFACT Europe also translates and publishes thought-provoking books that advocate market-oriented environmental policies. Recently, the group published a German edition of Paul Driessen’s "Eco-Imperialism: Green Power -Black Death" and followed up by printing and distributing "Eco-Nihilism: A Critique of Political Ecology" by German environment expert and writer Edgar L. Gaertner. Both books achieved robust sales and were widely reported in the German, Swiss and Austrian media.

"CFACT Europe also regularly informs the European public and media of environmental news through a German language website, www.cfact.de, and an English website at www.cfact.eu." [1]

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