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Holly Cartner, "Executive Director, Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch As the Executive Director of the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch, Ms. Cartner is responsible for overseeing research and advocacy work in over 25 countries in Europe and Central Asia. Ms. Cartner has written extensively on issues of human rights abuses against the Roma minority in Romania and Bulgaria, as well as on xenophobic violence in Germany. During her career, Ms. Cartner has also worked as a consultant to various international institutions including the Open Society Institute and the International Helsinki Federation. In addition to the Fund for Global Human Rights, Ms. Cartner serves on the boards of the International Helsinki Federation, the Chechnya Justice Initiative, and the Advisory Committee of the Children's Rights Division of Human Rights Watch. Ms. Cartner earned her Bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina, her Master's degree in political science, and her law degree at Columbia University in New York where she also received a Parker School Certificate in Recognition of Achievement in International Law." [1]

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