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For information about the law enforcement training/support company based in Nashville, TN, go to the Homeland Security Company page.

The Homeland Security Corporation (HSCC) is a security technology provider based in Newport Beach, CA that provides innovative, technology-driven security systems to government, military, and other clients. HSCC was incorporated in 1997 in Nevada and known as SPYWORKS until changing its name after the events of September 11, 2001. In 2003 Homeland Security Corporation received a General Services Administration (GSA) contractor's award from the U.S. Federal Government.

According to HSCC, "our primary mission is to protect people, property, infrastructure and our clients' high value assets, by mitigating threats."[1]

Based on the HSCC website, much of the technology involves surveillance and monitoring technology. HSCC also markets itself to small business owners and individuals, claiming its surveillance technology can "deter shoplifters at your store" and "protect your children from bullies on the school bus," and can also "integrate your security systems into an IP platform that lets you watch high-quality streaming video over the Internet or your cell phone. So you can look out for your business, whether you're at church, the casino or strip club, wherever you are."[1]

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Homeland Security Corporation website: http://www.homelandsecuritycorporation.com/


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