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Homeland Security Ventures LLC (HSV) was a registered Washington D.C. consulting firm that provided critical access and follow-up advocacy to key U.S. Government entities involved with defense, intelligence, and security related initiatives; as well as corresponding business support services in the areas of business development, capital raising, and strategic management."

In September 2005, Hiram Capital acquired HSV in order to "realize extensive competitive advantage in the ability to offer global security minded investors the potential for attractive long-term returns" for "investments in the international defense and security industry."[1] Their slogan was "Where Capitalism Meets Patriotism."

Although HSV's website (http://www.hsv1.net/about.htm) is no longer operable, it previously stated that: "Expertise with government procurement channels and extensive relationships maintained within the U.S. security apparatus enable HSV to provide clients with the crucial representation and support services necessary for the advancement of their technology, application, or products within the U.S. Government and its affiliated agencies. Additionally, as a leading provider of focused, pre-screened deal flow in the homeland security private equity market, HSV is also uniquely positioned to provide clients with access to angel investors, venture capitalists, and private equity firms."

"In the end HSV's clients gain the competitive (access & capital) advantages required of those seeking to establish market share in the burgeoning homeland security market-space."

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Former web address: http://www.hsv1.net/about.htm


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