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Hon Hai

Hon Hai is totally owned by the Foxconn technology group. It is the anchor of the group providing joint-design, joint-development, manufacturing, assembly and after-sales services to global computer communication and consumer electronics leaders. For instance Hon Hai produces and assemblies all the electronic parts of the famous I-pod. It provides over 200.000 jobs and has presence in more than 35 countries.[1]

Company History

Hon Hai precision Industry Company was founded in 1974 by Terry Gou with a paid up capital of 7.500 dollars. The company grew up and in 1998 was included into the IT-100 BusinessWeek. In 1999 Hon Hai entered into the London Stock Exchange. In 2003 it acquired Eimo Oyj and Chihuahua plant to set up handset cemms capabilities. In 2005 the company became the largest handset manufacturing services provider in the world. In 2006 Hon Hai acquired the Premier Image Technology Corp to further mechanical-electrical –optical integration.[2]

Political and Public Influence

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Corporate Accountability

Hon Hai has been involved in several controversies about labor rights not just in China but also in countries like Mexico. Immediately afterward is a list of a couple of the accusations and suspicions that exist against Hon Hai.[3]


October 2007:“Transnacionales y derechos laborales en Mexico”[4]

The author exposes the results of a report made by the “Centro de reflexiòn y acciòn laboral (CEREAL)” where serious accusations around the respect for the labor rights are made. The report touches on the issue of the amount of hours the workers have to work for very low payment as well as the discrimination that several electronic companies do because of the fact of, for example, have been participating in a labor union or because of the fact of being a lawyer.

February 2007: “CHINA: China's besieged factories: Activists aim to expose unscrupulous labor practices to shame companies”[5]

The corporation “CorpWatch” denounces that Hon Hai pays just 32 dollars for 60 hours of work. Moreover the company forbids the laborers to talk while they are working and oblige them to sleep in a dormitory room with 19 other laborers.

October 2007: “Chinese government suppressed 'iPod factory' reports” [6]

The author exposes a report published by Paris-based reporters Without Borders in which Hon Hai is accused of having an evident predisposition to hire women (to work 15-hour days) instead of men believing female workers to be more honest and less likely to complain.

February 2007: “New labor movement afoot in China” [7]

The author mentioned, again, the big problems that exist because of the terrible payment conditions to which the laborers are subjected.

August 2006: “Chinese media protest Hon Hai suit” [8]

The author exposes the controversy generated as a result of a demand launched by Hon Hai against two editorial staff at a local business daily. The journalists denounced several problems with the labor regime of the company.

August 2006: “Apple admits excessive iPod hours” [9]

The author exposes the admission the company Apple Inc. made because of the evident excessive treatment that the workers of one of the plants of Hon Hai were being victims of. According to the report, the company announced measures to stop the abuses.

Human Rights


According to the webpage of the company, Hon Hai is firmly compromised with the social and environmental responsibility. It announces that Hon Hai is working very hard in several social and environmental projects. However those programs are not exposed on the webpage. The company asked you to send an email to receive more information about them. [10]

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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

2 Zihyou Street, Tucheng City

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