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Hunter Nation Action Inc is a Super PAC registered November 12, 2020 in Alexandria, VA by Timothy A. Koch of Koch & Hoos LLC.[1] It may be related to the organization Hunter Nation.


In their own words:[2]

"Hunter Nation Action is committed to defending the values of God, Family Country and the Outdoor Lifestyle.
"Hunter Nation Action was created to champion leaders who advance policies that preserve America’s great hunting tradition including protecting the Second Amendment and the right to hunt, expanding access to public lands and the great outdoors, simplifying hunting and fishing regulations, ensuring responsible predator management and promoting the expansion, improvement and protection of wildlife habitat.
"Our vision is to unite the millions of hunters across America and give them a powerful voice to institute and protect pro-hunting policies locally and nationally."

In its first two months of existence, Hunter Nation Action Inc attempted to achieve the above stated goals by donating to defeat Senate Democrats in the two January 2021 Georgia runoff races. According to its website, it did so on the basis of gun rights.[3]

Super PAC Receipts and Expenditures

In 2020, Hunter Nation Action Inc raised and donated $210,000. Contributors to Hunter Nation Action Inc were as follows:[4]

During 2020, Hunter Nation Action Inc spent $73,875 opposing two Georgia Democratic Senate candidates in their January 2021 runoff election, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof.[5] The group spent equal amounts opposing each candidate.


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