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IP Moves the Mail is a Web site started by the International Paper Company to organize opposition to proposed legislation in the U.S. to reduce junk mail. International Paper, a multinational corporation with offices and headquarters around the world, stands to lose business if legislation is enacted to reduce the quantity of paper being used to create junk mail.

IP Moves the Mail is a portal page that facilitates pro-junk mail activism. On the page, advocates are urged to communicate with legislators in states where "Do Not Mail" bills are under consideration, to oppose them. Such lists are similar to government-legislated "Do Not Call" lists that give telephone customers the ability to opt out of receiving telemarketing calls. IP Moves the Mail states, that Do Not Mail "legislation would cripple an enormously important sector of the economy."[1]

The IP Moves the Mail website states that "International Paper is a founding member of the Mail Moves America Coalition and is a leader in the effort to stop Do Not Mail legislation, which was introduced in 15 states in 2007. Through the efforts of coalition members and employee grassroots initiatives, the Do Not Mail legislation has not become law in any state."[1] Mail Moves America is a front group set up by the Direct Marketing Association to oppose Do Not Mail list legislation.

Contact Details

IP Moves the Mail Web site, operated by International Paper. In the U.S., International Paper's corporate public affairs division is located at 99 Washington Avenue
Suite 400
Albany, NY 12210
Phone: (518) 465-5600, Ext 3103 Main Phone
Fax: (518) 465-5618

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