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The Indigenous Enterprise Partnership (IEP) "has been operating in Cape York in its current form since 2001 and has recently established an office in the Goulburn/Murray district of Victoria.

"Its development was driven by a group of individuals who were inspired by Noel Pearson's Our Right To Take Responsibility (1999) which articulated the existence of 'passive welfare' in Indigenous communities and the need to create a 'real economy'." [1]


Accessed March 2008: [2]

  • Colin Carter (Chair) Senior Advisor, The Boston Consulting Group.
  • Christopher Bartlett Professor of Business Administration Chair, Program for Global Leadership, Harvard Business School.
  • Tony Berg Director, Gresham Investment House.
  • Rupert Myer Chairman of The Myer Family Co Pty Ltd and Vice President of the Myer Foundation.
  • Noel Pearson Director, Cape York Institute.
  • Mark Rose Assistant General Manager, Koori Strategy Branch, Victorian Department of Education.
  • Steven Rothfield Company Director, Longitude Investments.
  • Ann Sherry Chief Executive Officer of Carnival Australia
  • Tammy Williams Barrister and Member of the National Indigenous Council


Accessed March 2008: [3]

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