Institute for International Assistance and Solidarity

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The Institute for International Assistance and Solidarity was founded in 1997 and "is an independent, pluralistic and not-for-profit Non-Governmental-Organisation" and

  • is dedicated to the support of civil society and the rule of law
  • works for the promotion of democracy, tolerance and human rights
  • believes in European values and the European integration project
  • has roots in the peace-movement and works for conflict prevention and resolution" [1]


  • BELARUS - strengthening civil society and local media - local "partners are Internews Ukraine and Internews Belarus and the project will see a number of trainings for media and civil society actors." [2]
  • SYRIA - training civil society organisations in Damascus
  • YEMP Young European Media Professionals
  • European standards of fundamental rights for South East Anatolia
  • Supporting the reconstruction of society in Iraq
  • Dialogue between Value-Systems: Europe and integration
  • Non Proliferation of Atomic Weapons, STOP all TESTS.


IFIAS has received support from

National Governments: Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, German and Swedish Government European Institutions: European Commission, European Parliament, ECOSOC Source