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The Institute based at Wisdom University focuses on the "work of pioneers in the field of the interspecies communication, such as John Lily, Jane Goodall, Jim Nollman, Rupert Sheldrake, Virginia Coyle, Joan Ocean, Penny Patterson and the gorillas Koko and Michael, Roger and Deborah Fouts, and Penelope Smith."

"In 1982, Ken Carey wrote in his seminal book The Starseed Transmission that after the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden, we lost our ability to speak with the animals. He said that this loss was due to our unwillingness to share. We have now reached the limits to what can be accomplished with this mentality, and the earth is rising up against us. We are being given one last opportunity to take our rightful place as one species among many on an earth that can more than support us all. The key to this renewal of the human spirit, he believed, is through a new relationship with nature and animals.

"It was also in 1982 that Linda Tellington-Jones received a transmission from a thousand-year old Morton Bay fig tree in Coffs Harbor, Australia - the same tree that was quoted as a source of the wisdom in Michael Road’s ground-breaking book Talking With Nature. " [1]

  • Linda Tellington Jones, Director
  • Karin Freiling, Deputy Director

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