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Intellect describes itself on its website as "...the trade body for the UK based information technology, telecommunications and electronics industry. Our 1,000 members employ more than 1.1 million people and make a huge contribution to the UK economy accounting for around 10% of GDP." [1]

Intellect has played a key role in lobbying for the introduction of ID cards in the UK. It has organized two conferences on the subject, ID Cards: The Next Steps in May 2004 [2], and ID Cards: Towards Procurement and Implementation in June 2005 [3].

Intellect's position on e-voting

In an April 2005 Intellect press release, spokesman Nick Kalisperas commented thus on the invitation by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to IT contractors to tender for an e-voting trial due to run between 2006 and 2008:

"Proposals to introduce e-voting have been around for at least five years. However, as we have seen recently with postal voting, the issue of public trust and confidence in the security of the system will be paramount if it is to be conducted successfully. To this end, we would only like to see e-voting introduced once it has been tested, its benefits properly communicated and public acceptance of the technology achieved." [4]


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