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International Business Communications (IBC), a corporate name which currently occurs frequently throughout the world, was a front used during the era of the Iran-Contra illegal activities in Nicaragua (1984-86) and in El Salvador (1984). [1]

"The Office of Public Diplomacy was established with the help of Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, a well-known figure in the Iran-Contra scandal. The office funneled government contracts to International Business Communications, a consulting group that advanced Otto Juan Reich's propaganda program. The firm used 'sophisticated television ad campaigns' to target members of Congress who did not support the Contras, like then-Congressman Mike Barnes, according to the government report. It also served as a conduit for millions of dollars diverted from the illegal weapons sales to Iran and sent to the Contras, according to the report. The propaganda helped the Ronald Reagan administration win congressional compromises on non-military aid to the Nicaraguan Contras." [2]

"North told Channell to direct funds to Richard R. Miller at IBC. Miller, in turn, transferred the bulk of these funds to a Cayman Islands bank account, I.C. Inc., that he had established in coordination with North. At North's direction, Miller transferred $1.7 million to the Enterprise's Swiss accounts.

"In June 1985, North and Richard V. Secord informed contra leaders that they would no longer receive money directly for weapons purchases, but that funding would go to the Enterprise [code name for Iran-Contra activities], which would purchase weapons for them....

"The name of I.C., Inc., was later changed to Intel Co-operation, Inc....

"The NEPL (National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty) donations were transferred to Miller's International Business Communications account and then to foreign accounts, including the Cayman Islands bank account controlled by Miller, I.C. Inc. Between September 1985 and April 1986, North directed Miller to transfer more than $1.7 million raised by NEPL to the Enterprise's Lake Resources account in Switzerland..." [3]

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