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The Iranian Directorate is a Pentagon department formed to undercut the religious government of Iran. The unit is situated in the same office as the Office of Special Plans, the controversial intelligence analysis unit established before the Iraq war that championed the claims of Ahmad Chalabi.

The Iranian Directorate's staff includes several OSP veterans such as Abram Shulsky, John Trigilio, Ladan Archin and Reuel Marc Gerecht. The directorate will be closely alligned with the newly formed State Department Office of Iranian Affairs to back Iranian dissidents more aggressively, boost support to democracy broadcasters and strengthen ties with exiles.

Apparently the Iranian Directorate may also be serving as a defacto intelligence conduit. In her June 15, 2006, Raw Story article, Larisa Alexandrovna quotes some observers in the intelligence community who worry that, like the OSP, the Iranian Directorate may be "...cherry picking, manipulating, and even planting intelligence abroad that would support a case against Iran in the minds of the public." [1]

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