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Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction

pre 21st Century



investigations & inspections

21st Century: delusion, or deception?

External Resources

  • Astute BuzzFlash reader Kelly Ann Kelly points out on April 5, 2004, that "Iraq WMD Lies Debuted in 2000 GOP Platform": "If any more proof of BushCo's pre-9/11 obsession with Iraq is required, you need look no further than the RNC's own website. Long before the terrorist attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, even before the 2000 election, the Republicans were claiming that Iraq had renewed its weapons programs." In the section "Principled American Leadership" Kelly points to:
    "A new Republican president will renew America's faltering fight against the contagious spread of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, as well as their means of delivery. The weak leadership and neglect of the administration have allowed America's intelligence capabilities, including space based systems, to atrophy, resulting in repeated proliferation surprises such as Iraq's renewed chemical and biological weapons programs, India's nuclear weapon test, and North Korea's test of a three-stage ballistic missile. Again in a partnership with the Congress, a new Republican administration will give the intelligence community the leadership, resources, and operational latitude it requires."

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