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The Islamic Media Foundation (IMF) "is a national, not-for-profit organization, established in 1997. The mission of IMF is to share the guidance of Allah through the broadcast media and the Internet.

"As a media organization, our aim is to educate the American public about Islam and Muslims, build bridges of understanding between Muslims and their non-Muslim neighbors, and further interfaith dialogue and understanding between religious communities." [1]


"On January 1st, 2001, IMF launched the Islamic Broadcasting Network (IBN), offering programs for the entire family, including youth programs, educational entertainment, talk shows, and news perspectives and analysis." [2]

"The Islamic Cable Access Network (ICAN) is a production-oriented, grassroots branch of IMF. Its aim is to facilitate the use of local public access channels through training seminars, media camps, program exchanges, and how-to materials.

"The Islamic Media Access Network (IMAN) is another part of IMF’s grassroots infrastructure. It will consist of Muslims interested in media activism, especially learning how to become media liaisons and spokespersons on a local scale." [3]


The Islamic Media Foundation, P.O. Box 4893, Falls Church, VA 22044