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Ivor Jenkins, Director of the Kutlwanong Democracy Centre (KDC) of the Institute for Democracy (IDASA)

"Ivor is currently the Director of the Kutlwanong Democracy Centre (KDC) of the Institute for Democracy (IDASA) which is a non-profit public interest organisation headquartered in Pretoria.

"IDASA is an independent public interest organisation committed to promoting sustainable democracy in South Africa and elsewhere by building democratic institutions, educating citizens, and advocating social justice. IDASA was founded in 1987 and was convenor of the groundbreaking “Dakar Conference” which assisted in facilitation of the transition to democracy in South Africa. More recently it was co-host of the World Movement for Democracy Assembly in February 2004.

"He joined Idasa (The Institute for Democracy) in 1991serving as the Regional Director of the Pretoria office. His responsibilities as the Director of the Kutlwanong Democracy Centre (KDC) from where he oversees the South African operations of Idasa as well as incubating various international projects include working as the Acting Manager for the Safety and Security Programme as well as for the Citizen and Community Empowerment Programme of Idasa. During his 17 years with Idasa he has been actively involved in the political transformation of the country at different levels of the numerous sectors of society.

"Prior to joining Idasa Ivor Jenkins was active in the religious sector within South Africa. He became a student of theology and in 1985 completed his Masters of Divinity degree. By then he had already ministered a few years in a Pretoria based congregation where he was committed to changing the church to a non-racial and socially active institution. He joined a “socio-religious” organization, Koinonia Southern Africa as its National Director in 1986 and became quite active in the political life of the anti-apartheid moments in the country.

"He played a key role as a facilitator and mediator during various key processes in the South African transition – working in sensitive areas such as facilitating negotiations between the ANC and the Freedom Front, the mining sector, safety and security transformation and various political and economic development forums which were key to ensuring peace at a provincial and local level. In addition he played a critical role in facilitating important exposure by key South African players in the transition to international best practice with special reference to constitutions and the different levels of government.

"He has travelled extensively throughout the world – particularly within the African continent and continues to play a critical role in guiding transitional societies towards peace such as Northern Ireland, the DRC, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Palestine, the Basque country and Zimbabwe.

"He is recognised as a skilled fundraiser and manager within the non-profit sector. Consequently he is in demand as a board member for a variety of organisations including the school that his children attend; the International Civil Society Consortium and the Special Olympics Board of South Africa." [1]

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