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Jack Temple, who in 2004 "died aged 86, was a self-styled "homeopathic dowser healer" at West Byfleet, Surrey, whose clients included Diana, Princess of Wales, the Duchess of York, the model Jerry Hall, and the Prime Minister's wife, Cherie Booth....Using his crystal dowsing pendulum (and for a £40 consultation fee), Temple claimed he could home in on the weak areas, harness power from heavenly bodies and supply (for a consideration) a remedy from a vast collection of exotic pills and potions with names such as Volca nic Memory, Rancid Butter, Monkey Sticks, Banana Stem and Sphincter. These were not ingested, but strapped to the body along meridian energy lines...

"It was said that Cherie Booth QC consulted Temple for swollen legs on the recommendation of her "lifestyle guru", Carole Caplin. He treated her by swinging his pendulum over the affected areas and feeding her strawberry leaves grown within the elecromagnetic field of his neolithic circle.

"In his autobiography, Medicine Man, Temple claimed to have "helped the lame to walk, the barren to conceive and the sad to smile". But his own appetite for publicity was not always appreciated by his celebrity clients.

"When he told an interviewer on Carlton Television about the Duchess of York's use of slimming pills, friends of the Duchess were quoted as saying that, while she had given him permission to talk about her "in general terms", she had not expected him to go into quite so much detail...

"In the early 1970s he exhibited his organic catalogue at a Mind and Body festival in London, where he met someone who practised dowsing using a pendulum. He decided to have a go himself and found he had the gift..." [1]


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