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The Center for Strategic Studies "was founded in 1977 at the initiative of Tel Aviv University. In 1983 the Center was named the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies--JCSS--in honor of Mr. And Mrs. Mel Jaffee. Major General (res.) Aharon Yariv former government minister, Member of Knesset, and Director of Military Intelligence, took upon himself, at the University's request, the organization and management of the Center, and headed it until shortly before his death in 1994. Among the primary supporters of JCSS at its founding were Abba Eban, who served as first chairman of its International Board of Trustees, and the late Joseph H.(Buddy) Strelitz, then President of the American Friends of Tel Aviv University and later Chairman of the International Board of Trustees. Funds for the Center's creation were provided mainly by members of the Jewish communities of the United States, who have proved aware of and sensitive to the need for such an institution in Israel." [1] In October 2006 the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies was incorporated into the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.[1]



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