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James C. Buchanan (Plaintiff in Galbraith v. R.J. Reynolds)

'James C. Buchanan and his wife Ruth A Buchanan were plaintiffs who took on the Owens-Corning Fibreglas Corporation (name sic) in the Massachsetts Middlesex Superior Court. One of the defendants was the Lorillard Tobacco company. Buchanan's deposition is here

Buchanan had lung cancer and had worked in the naval shipyards and with fibreglass -- so he potentially had work-related asbestos exposure. He quite smoking Lucky Strikes only 5 years before the case. However he had smoked Pall Malls, and had then changed over to Kents for the sake of his health and he had smoked them until eight years ago.

The suggestion here is that he smoked Kent cigarettes with the asbestos Microlite filter from about 1960 on.

NOTE: This is not James M Buchanan, the economics guru of the Public Choice Society' and George Mason University.

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