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Biographical Information

"James Colquhoun, Nutritional consultant, documentary filmmaker and author James Colquhoun together with his partner and wife, Laurentine ten Bosch teamed up with the world's leading nutrition and natural medicine experts to create two best-selling documentaries that have revolutionized the food and health industry: Food Matters (film) and Hungry for Change. They went on to write a companion book Hungry for Change: Ditch Diets, Conquer the Cravings, and Eat Your Way to Lifelong Health. This ground-breaking book is rocking the health industry by empowering readers to transform their eating habits and reclaim their health. www.hungryforchange.tv"[1]

"Mr. Colquhoun is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Food Matters Lifestyle Pty Ltd, a digital media and production company he founded in 2008. He also founded and was Chief Executive Officer of Food Matters TV Pty Ltd, a health and wellness subscription video on demand company, until its acquisition by Gaia in June 2019. During Mr. Colquhoun’s tenure the Food Matters group has grown to reach over 120 countries. He is also the producer of the feature documentary films Food Matters and Hungry For Change and the Transcendence docu-series. Mr. Colquhoun has served on the board of directors since May 2020.[2]


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