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James Goodman "conducts collaborative research into social movements and issues of globalization. He has a strong interest in ideologies of nationalism and globalism; in Asia-Pacific political sociology; contestations in global and regional governance; class formations and global formations; forces for ecological and social sustainability; and cross-border social solidarity. He is currently interested in counter-corporate campaigning; refugee solidarity movements; and contestation of trade and finance regimes. He has also developed an interest in collaborative action research, and its role in the creation of knowledge by social movements. He has written, edited or co-edited eight books, exploring a variety of aspects of this research agenda." [1]

Research roles [2]

  • Executive member, Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre, UTS. www.research.uts.edu.au/strengths/ccs/overview.html
  • Senior Researcher: Transforming Cultures Research Centre. www.transforming.cultures.uts.edu.au
  • Project partner: The Globalism Project, Neo-liberal globalism and its challengers, Canada.
  • Board member, Research Committee on Social Movements, Collective Action and Social Change,International Sociological Association
  • Participating member: Asia-Pacific Research Network
  • Editorial Board member: Globalizations
  • Contributing editor: Arena Magazine
  • Chair of Board: Aid/Watch


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  • Goodman, J., Gismondi, M., Johnston, J. 2006, Nature's Revenge: Reclaiming Sustainability in an Age of Corporate Globalism, Broadview Press, Canada.
  • Goodman, J. 2006, Regionalization, Marketization and Political Change in the Pacific Rim, University of Guadalajara Press, Mexico.
  • Goodman, J. 2006, Regionalization, Marketization and Political Change in the Pacific Rim, Universidad De Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • Goodman, J., Tujan, A. 2002, Corporate Power and Peoples Power: Transnational Corporations and Globalization, Asia-Pacific Research Network, Manila.
  • Goodman, J., Evans, G., Lansbury, N. 2002, Moving mountains: communities confront mining and globalisation, Mineral Policy Institute and Zed Press, London.
  • Goodman, J. 2002, Protest and Globalisation: Prospects for Transnational Solidarity, Pluto Press, Sydney, and Fernwood Press, Vancouver., Sydney and Vancouver.
  • Goodman, J. 2000, Single Europe, Single Ireland? Uneven Development in Process, Irish Academic Press, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Goodman, J. 1998, Dis/Agreeing Ireland: contexts, obstacles, hopes, Pluto Press, London.

Goodman, J. 1996, Nationalism and transnationalism: the national conflict in Ireland and European Union integration, Avebury Press, Aldershot.

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