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Jan A. Hartke "joined the Clinton Climate Initiative in August 2006. He has worked on global environmental issues, including climate change, for twenty-five years. He has served as President of the Global Tomorrow Coalition, Executive-Director of EarthVoice, and on the Board of Directors of a wide variety of organizations, including the Enterprise for the Americas as an appointee of President Clinton." [1]

EarthVoice, "an affiliate of The Humane Society of the United States. EarthVoice is active in over 100 countries, empowering local partners and implementing model projects to promote humane, sustainable development. Mr. Hartke has recently added to his responsibilities by directing the international anti-factory farms campaign. He has received numerous awards for his international work, including awards from the United Nations Environment Programme. He was appointed by President Clinton to the Board of Directors of the Enterprise for the Americas – the most significant international environmental Board consisting of Cabinet Members and leading NGOs. Mr. Hartke serves as a Director on numerous Boards of Directors dealing with the global environment and sustainable development." [2]

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