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Janice Van Dyke Walden "is the founder and president of Van Dyke Walden & Associates, a public relations firm handling marketing, advertising and public relations for non-profits and corporations, especially in the areas of energy, health care, education and trade.

"From the time she was a teenager, Janice has been interested in shaping perceptions and influencing change. With a background in film and television, she became an award-winning documentary filmmaker at Houston Public Television before becoming a public relations professional.

"Having been involved in international business most of her career, Janice is deeply committed to contributing toward progress and understanding in developing countries, especially Africa, and sees public relations as a powerful tool in changing the way the world thinks and operates.

"In 1996 she started the office of public relations for the leading privately-held E&P company active offshore deepwater Africa, Vanco Energy Company, being named Vice President of Public Relations in 2001. In 2003 she formed Van Dyke Walden & Associates to focus on broader corporate public relations, collaborating with professionals in complimentary disciplines to achieve the multi-faceted project goals facing clients.

"As a commitment to her values, Janice founded and served as President of the U.S. Foundation for the United World College of the Atlantic from 2001-2005, and served as a Governor of the UK-based college for two years. From 2001 to 2002 she served on the Sub-Sahara Advisory Committee of the Export-Import Bank. She is an active supporter and volunteer with Living Water International." [1]

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