Jarl Ahlbeck

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Jarl R. Ahlbeck, born. 1946 in Nykarleby (Finland), D.Sc. (Chem Eng), associate professor in environmental technology in Åbo Akademi, the Swedish University of Finland. Expert in waste water treatment systems and flue gas cleaning. 200 scientific publications, 4 patents. Participated in numerous technological projects in the third world (China, India, Bangladesh) for creating clean water supply systems for poor people and flue glas cleaning systems for small and middle-range power plants. Former member of Greenpeace and the Finnish socialist party DFFF. Former member of the energy expert commission of the Finnish Parliament. Research activity on the carbon dioxide cycle showing that carbon dixoide fertilizing due to increased atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide will increase growth and food production and thus be beneficial for mankind. Candidate for the Swedish Folkparty (liberal) in the elections for the EU-parliament in june 2004. e-mail: jarl.ahlbeck@abo.fi