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"Jeane Manning is author of The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing NY 1996); Energie (Omega Verlag, Germany, 2002); and co-author of several other nonfiction books, most notably her recent contribution (with NEM president Joel Garbon), Breakthrough Power. She's published in five languages and has been interviewed by media on four continents. With honors B.A., Sociology, she's been a social worker, reporter, counsellor, publicist, radio commentator and newspaper editor.

"Jeane served on boards for a New Energy Institute and an ocean-energy company, and is also on the board of a startup geothermal company. Her research into nonconventional small-is-beautiful alternatives brought invitations to speak at conferences including Institute for New Energy (Denver); Climates of Change Congress (Victoria BC); Women & Sustainable Development (UBC); New Hydrogen Technologies (Switzerland 2001); and Innovative Energie-Technologien (Germany 2002)."[1]

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