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DISAMBIGUATION: (confusion common)
* Network Economist: Professor Jeff Ray Clark was hired from government services as the Chairman of Economics and Finance, Fairleigh Dickson Uni, New Jersey. He appears then to have been briefly seconded to Tennessee Uni at Chatanooga in 1987. Then returned to FDU. In late 1989 he was Prof. of the Hendrix Free Enterprise chair at Tennessee Uni, Martin. In 1995 he held the Probasco Chair of Free Enterprise at Chattanooga.

His friends called him "Jeff Ray" Clark, and he sometimes was listed on Advisory Boards, etc. as "Jeffrey" Clark. However he published under his initials only, as J.R. Clark     He was always a diligent tobacco lobbyist.

* German Medical journal editor J.R. Clark George Theime Verlag, Stuttgart (circa 1992)
* Philip Morris had a J.R. Clark staff member in the mid 1980s. He was Jack R. Clark.
* MIT Student: (Wolf Lab) circa 1972 had a biologist Jeff Clark. He is also the 1977 Jeff Clark at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) biologist, and he could be the RJ Reynolds staff member later.
* MotoCross champion circa 1984 Jeff Clark used in publicity.
* RJ Reynolds (c 2000) A medicinal chemist/addiction staff member was also a Jeff Clark
  • In September 1997 RJ Reynolds lists also a J.R. Clark Jr. in their sales department.

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