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Jim H. Boren

"In 1957 Jim Boren was the state campaign manager for Ralph Yarborough's successful race for the U. S. Senate. He served as the Senator's Chief of Staff until 1961, when he was named the Deputy Director of the United States Economic Mission to Peru. While in the Foreign Service, Jim founded and directed the Partners of the Americas, a private sector program aimed at grass roots development in education, health, and community initiatives. The program continues today and is the hemisphere's largest volunteer program.

"Prior to government service, Jim was in the independent oil business in Texas and Oklahoma. In 1970 he became President of Development Services International in Washington, D. C. In this capacity he served as a consultant and professional speaker. It was at this time that he launched an auxiliary career as a humorist with a focus on political and business bureaucracies . . . and as a witness before Congressional committees. Over the years, Jim has spoken to almost 2000 major conventions, conferences, and governmental meetings. His satirical portrayal of the bureaucratic ways has been used by many corporations looking to reduce bureaucratic problems." [1]

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