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James (Jimmy) William Moore "was born in Jackson, Tennessee on December 27, 1972. He graduated from high school in 1989 and attended the University of Tennessee at Martin. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and English from there in 1992." Talon News (cache file), November 19, 2005.

"Jimmy Moore" is listed as a columnist for The Common Voice (www.commonvoice.com).

"Jimmy Moore received his B.A. in Political Science & English from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 1992 and his M.A. in Public Policy from Regent University in 2002.
"He currently lives in Spartanburg with his wife. He has been an active participant in political campaigns since his father ran for sheriff in Tennessee in 1986. He currently serves as the Communications Director for the Spartanburg GOP.
"Jimmy has been employed full-time at a major corporation in Spartanburg since December 2003. He is also the South Carolina GOPUSA Editor and is a national news correspondent for Talon News.
8,440 hits on Yahoo! for "Talon News", "Jimmy Moore" February 19, 2005.
"He is active in his local church where he sings in the choir and supports his church in community outreach events, including H.O.P.E. Ministries, which works with inner-city African-American youth to teach them the Bible and the importance of living for God rather than themselves.
"Jimmy has been a contributing writer for The Common Voice since December 2001."