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Biographical Information

"Jo has been Director of the Wilderness Foundation since 2004, but has been involved as Projects Director and Project Coordinator since 1998.

"The Wilderness Foundation are strategic partners with Lengthen Your Stride for REAL Journeys. and supporters of Wilderness Warrior

"South African by birth, Jo has enjoyed a rich life of wild places in many parts of Africa as she grew up. She trained and worked as a Social Anthropologist during the time of Apartheid, working mainly with rural communities. Her main interest in life is the vital connection between humanity and nature, and the value that experiential learning and outdoor education brings to social and personal change - such as her Wild Swans programme." [1]

"Jo has been the driver of the European foundation for sixteen years and, as a native South African, maintains close personal and professional connections between Africa, Europe, and North America. She has an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology, a Master’s in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and considerable background and experience in both nature conservation and the social justice agenda in Africa and Europe. Her main interest in life is communicating the vital connections needed between humanity and nature, and the values that the wilderness experience brings to social and personal change. "

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