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John Opie is a member of the Environmental Literacy Council. He was a founder of the American Society for Environmental History[1],[2] and founded and edited the journal Environmental History (later Environmental History Review)[3], which merged with Forest & Conservation History in 1996 to form Environmental History.[4]

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  1. Lisa Mighetto (2008-03-13). Founders - Oral Histories -Interview with John Opie (long). ASEH. Retrieved on 2010-01-05. “I started out as a cultural and religious historian. Got my doctorate from the University of Chicago...teaching at Duquesne University in the history department...”
  2. Mark Cioc and Char Miller (2009-04). Mark Cioc and Char Miller - Interview (with John Opie). American Society for Environmental History. Retrieved on 2010-01-05. “One of the founders of the ASEH and this journal [Environmental History], John Opie ... discusses, among many topics, the link between his professional interests and his passion for photography, his early years in Chicago, his role in the genesis of this journal, and the themes of his major books and articles”
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