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John S. Reed, according to the New York Stock Exchange web site (as of September 26, 2003), "retired as chairman and co-chief executive officer of Citigroup on April 19, 2000. Prior to the merger of Citicorp and Travelers Group Inc. in Oct. of 1998, Mr. Reed was the chairman and chief executive officer of Citicorp and Citibank from 1984-98. He joined Citibank in 1965.

"A U.S. Army officer and veteran, Mr. Reed received undergraduate degrees from Washington and Jefferson College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a master's degree from MIT. Mr. Reed will step down from the Board of Altria Group, Inc., on which he currently serves."

21 September 2003: "New York Stock Exchange Names John S. Reed Interim Chairman and Chief Executive Officer"

"'My priority will be to ensure that this Board is effective and can get its job done,' Mr. Reed added. 'The governance reforms we will propose are critical at this juncture. I look forward to working with Bob Britz and Cathy Kinney and the rest of the management team at the Exchange in the coming weeks and months as they ensure the reforms become a reality. The NYSE is the center of global business. It is with the greatest respect for this organization and its 211-year history that I accept the Board's offer.'"