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According to the United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) web site:

"Headquartered in Norfolk, Va., U.S. Joint Forces Command is one of nine unified commands in the Department of Defense.

"Among his duties, the commander of USJFCOM oversees the command's roles in transformation, experimentation, joint training, interoperability and force provision as outlined in the Department of Defense's Unified Command Plan.

"The Department of Defense appointed U.S. Joint Forces Command as the 'transformation laboratory' of the United States military that serves to enhance the unified commanders' capabilities to implement that strategy. We develop concepts, test these concepts through rigorous experimentation, educate joint leaders, train joint forces, and make recommendations on how the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines can better integrate their warfighting capabilities.

"USJFCOM develops future concepts for joint warfighting. Such work must include and strengthen service efforts, draw on the best of industry, and follow the will of the citizens as expressed through Congress.

"Our challenge is to synchronize and leverage the combined effects of our mission areas to achieve transformational enhancements. Effects-based Operations (EBO) is the overarching transformation concept and we will meet our core mission requirements within that framework. Our joint force concept development and experimentation focus is EBO, an inherent component of this mission, and will transport the concept to reality. Our joint force integrator will evaluate and prioritize the solutions that support EBO. Our joint force trainer role allows us to rapidly introduce new doctrine and receive immediate feedback from the warfighters. And our role as joint force provider will monitor and deploy these effects-based forces to our combatant commanders for the variety of missions they are tasked to perform. This synergy of these functions will deliver ready joint forces and joint force capabilities to the warfighting commanders.

"Located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USJFCOM is a force of more than 800 people including members from each branch of the U.S. military, civil servants, contractors and consultants. This includes a headquarters staff of over 500 active duty military personnel, representing each of the four services, and approximately 300 civilian and contract employees. Additionally, there are four component commands, a sub-unified command and eight subordinate activities assigned to USJFCOM."

On May 7, 2004, Lt. Gen. Dan McNeill, USA, assumed command of U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) at Ft. McPherson, Georgia. "McNeill, who relieved Army Gen. Larry R. Ellis was previously FORSCOM'??s deputy commanding general." [1]

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