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Jon Phillips
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2005-2006 national debate on nuclear
power in the UK

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Jon Phillips is the communications director for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) which has responsibility for the decommissioning and clean up of British nuclear power plants including Sellafield. Phillips's salary at the NDA is reported to be well over £70,000 a year to manage its PR. Phillips will have a deputy and nine other press officers working under him.

Working for Heathrow

Prior to joining the NDA Phillips spent 12 years with Heathrow Airport's PR team where one of his major campaigns was gaining government approval for the construction of Terminal 5 despite strong opposition.[1] Former Heathrow colleague Tim Fallon, now managing director of Hill & Knowlton UK, recalls that Phillips could be charming but was "a bit of a bruiser". "If you want to start a battle, Jon will want to be involved," Fallon said.[1]



  1. Jonathan Leake and Dan Box, "When PR goes nuclear", New Statesman, May 27, 2005.

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