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Joseph Gold "a former U.S. Air Force research physician and now director of the Syracuse (New York) Cancer Research Institute.

"Gold had discovered that small doses of hydrazine sulfate, a chemical used in rocket fuel, could function as an effective anti-cancer drug, and did so without any of the side effects of standard chemotherapy. Gold's discovery, which first attracted the attention and support of the cancer establishment in the mid-1970s, just as quickly earned the enmity of the chemotherapists who had taken over the leadership of the federal war on cancer. If Gold's experimental drug turned out to be as efficacious as initial studies and case reports indicated, there would be a lot less demand for chemotherapy. Further complicating matters, hydrazine sulfate is dirt cheap, unlike standard cytotoxic chemotherapy agents. The price of a single dose of chemo would buy a ten-year supply of hydrazine sulfate." [1]

Cancer background

The 1999 Penthouse article notes that: "In the 25 years since the federal government declared War on Cancer, an estimated $200 billion has been spent by U.S. taxpayers and private investors on research that has produced so little bang for the buck that it makes the Pentagon's $600 toilet seats look like bargains for every American home."

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