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"Prior to working in universities, Professor Jude McCulloch worked as a lawyer for 16 years. Her practices as a lawyer involved providing legal services to disadvantaged members of the community, running test cases, involvement in law reform, and developing legal policy at all levels. She is one of the organizers of the 2009 Critical Criminology Conference." [1]


  • 2008 The Violence of Incarceration Routledge (eds Phil Scraton and Jude McCulloch)
  • 2008 Counter-terrorism Policing: Community, Cohesion and Security Pickering, McCulloch, J Wrighth-Neville, D Springer
  • 2001 Blue Army: Paramilitary Policing in Victoria Melbourne University Press, Carlton
  • 1992 Police Shootings In Victoria: You Deserve to Know the Truth Fitzroy: Fitzroy Legal Service [with the families of Mark Militano, Graeme Jensen, Jedd Houghton and the Flemington/Kensington Community Legal Centre]

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