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"Mikovits long ago lost credibility in the scientific community when the journal Science retracted a 2009 article the virologist co-authored claiming her research showed that a mouse retrovirus caused chronic fatigue syndrome .

"The controversy helped cost Mikovits her job at the Whittemore Peterson Institute. A few months later she was briefly jailed for allegedly removing a computer, notebooks and proprietary information from the institute although the charges were dropped on technicalities. Mikovits has since claimed she was arrested in an attempt by the “deep state” to stop her revealing the truth." [1]

By April 2020 "coverage of Dr. Mikovits rose to 800 mentions a day. That month, Darla Shine, the wife of Bill Shine, a former Fox News executive and former top aide to Mr. Trump, promoted Dr. Mikovits’s book in a tweet. Videos by The Epoch Times, a publication with ties to the Falun Gong, and the conservative outlet “The Next News Network” interviewed Dr. Mikovits about the pandemic, generating more than 1.5 million views on social networks.

"Then came the video from “Plandemic,” which made mentions of Dr. Mikovits on social media spike far higher. The video was produced by Mikki Willis, who was involved in making “Bernie or Bust” and “Never Hillary” videos during the 2016 presidential campaign." [2]

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