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Biographical Details

"The author Jules Pretty is based on the Essex and Suffolk border in England. He lives in the Suffolk wool village of Nayland, and works at the University of Essex in Colchester. He writes on the importance and relevance of nature for people, and explores the relations between people and the land.

"His forthcoming book is This Luminous Coast and will be published by Full Circle Editions in March 2011. It is narration of the land and sea, their wild places, social history and places of deep significance, along the 500 miles of the coasts of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

"At the University of Essex, Jules Pretty is Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Science & Engineering and Sustainability & Resources. The research focus on green exercise, nature and health is at greenexercise.org. The 2010 dose of nature paper has received considerable coverage worldwide, as has a 2010 paper involving 54 authors on the "Top 100 questions for Agriculture and Food."

"His last book of essays is The Earth Only Endures: On Reconnecting with Nature and our Place in it (2007; pb 2009).

"He has also written widely on the sustainability of agricultural and food systems in both developing and industrialised countries, and books on these topics include Agri-Culture (2002), The Pesticide Detox (2005), An Earthscan Reader on Sustainable Agriculture (2005), The Living Land (1998), and Regenerating Agriculture (1995). He received an OBE in 2006 for services to sustainable agriculture in the UK and overseas.

"Further book projects are Extinction Fables, with a focus on cultural and biological extinctions and revitalisation, and the recent Nature and Culture (2010, ed with Sarah Pilgrim)." [1]

His web site is http://www.julespretty.com

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