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Julie Bishop (aka Julie Gillon) is the Australian Liberal representative from the Curtin electorate in Western Australia. She has been the Minister for Foreign Affairs in both the Abbott and Turnbull Liberal-Coalition governments.

Prior to entering federal politics she was highly active in the state Liberal party, while also being the managing partner of the lawfirm Robinson Cox (a branch office of Clayton Utz). Her firm ran both the asbestos (CSR) and the tobacco (TIA/Philip Morris/BAT) accounts in Western Australia -- which, at that time was a major problem for the tobacco industry because of the high rates of lung cancer. Asbestos workers who smoked had more than ten times the lung-cancer rates of the non-smoking workers.

Bishop ran the litigation (defence against liabilities) side of the business, and her associate Gary Berson ran the political and general lobbying business. He was closely associated with the Tobacco Institute of Australia and John Dollisson who worked vigorously for the industry in WA. She was associated with the family of the Premier (both Sir Charles and Richard Court) in both politics and among the yachting fraternity.

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