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Just Associates (JASS) "is a network of justice activists, scholars and popular educators in 13 countries worldwide committed to increasing women’s voice, visibility and collective organizational power to advance a more just, equitable and sustainable world...

"Our program strategy for 2006-2008 centers around our Movement-Building Initiative, currently in progress in MesoAmerica, South East Asia, and Southern Africa. This effort is carried out in collaboration with Hivos, a Dutch NGO that supports efforts to promote gender, race and economic equality among other commitments, and the Global Fund for Women." [1]

Past Allies.


Accessed April 2008: [2]

  • Dina Abad, Philippines (Congressional Representative, Batanes; former Dean, Ateneo School of Government)
  • Mariela Arce, Panama
  • Patricia Ardon, Guatemala
  • Srilatha Batliwala, US / India (Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations-Harvard University; long-time activist with grassroots advocacy and women's rights initiatives in India)
  • Hope Chigudu, Zimbabwe (Gender Activist/Consultant; former Chair, Global Fund for Women)
  • Cindy Clark, Program Coordinator
  • Rashida Dohad, Pakistan
  • Ralph Fine*, US (Attorney, Fundraiser, Institutional Development Advisor, Fine & Associates)
  • John Gaventa, US/UK (Institute of Development Studies Participation Group - University of Sussex; former Director of the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee)
  • Mayela Garcia, Mexico
  • JoJo Geronimo, USA/Canada/Philippines
  • Peggy Healy, USA
  • Lori Heise*, US/UK (Founding coordinator, Microbicides Campaign; Advisor, Program for Appropriate Technology in Health; long-time gender activist)
  • Annie Holmes, Communications Manager
  • Timothea Howard, long-time cultural, community and labor organizer and educator; feminist radio host; CentroNia, Washington, DC.
  • Joanna Kerr, Canada (Executive Director, Association for Women's Rights in Development; formerly with the North-South Institute)
  • Dina Lumbantobing, Indonesia
  • Valerie Miller*, USA (Co-founder)
  • Malena De Montis, Nicaragua
  • Darshana Patel, USA/Nepal
  • Molly Reilly, Senior Program Associate
  • Atila Roque, Brazilian economic and environmental justice advocate; co-founder and coordinating committee for the World Social Forum; currently Co-Director of INESC (Institute for Economic and Social Studies – Brasilia).
  • John Samuel, India/Thailand (Regional Director for ActionAid-Asia; former Director of the National Centre for Advocacy Studies)
  • Ellen Sprenger, Canada/The Netherlands
  • Peter van Tuijl, Netherlands/Indonesia (Senior Technical Advisor with the Anti Corruption Assistance Program for the Indonesian National Police, International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, formerly with the UNDP Partnership for Governance Reform)
  • Lisa VeneKlasen*, Executive Director
  • Heather White*, US (Founding Director, Verité; long-time corporate accountability and social responsibility advocate)
  • Everjoice Win, Zimbabwe
  • Emira Woods*, US/Liberia (Co-director, Foreign Policy in Focus) African justice advocate.
  • Nani Zulminarni, Indonesia

(* indicates member of US Executive Board of Directors)


Web: http://www.justassociates.org

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