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"Kerry Bolton (b. 1956) has certifications and doctorates in theology, social work studies, psychology, and Ph.D. honoris causa. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social and Political Research (Athens) and of the Institute of Higher Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences (Lisbon), ‘contributing writer’ for Foreign Policy Journal, and a regular contributor to New Dawn (Australia) and The Great Indian Dream (Institute of Planning and Management).

"He has been widely published by the scholarly and broader media on a variety of subjects, including: International Journal of Social Economics; International Journal of Russian Studies; Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies (Trinity College); World Affairs; India Quarterly; Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies; The Occidental Quarterly; North American New Right; Radix (National Policy Institute, Washington); Antrocom Journal of Anthropology (Italy); Finis Mundi (Portugal); Geopolitica (Moscow State University); Radio Free Asia Vietnamese Service; Russian Writers’ Union; Red Star (Russian Ministry of Defence), Katehon (Russia), The Quarterly Review and many others.

"Translated into Farsi, Vietnamese, German, French, Latvian, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian, Portuguese. He is a contributor to all volumes of the Thoughts and Perspectives series of biographies published by Black Front Press, London.

"Bolton was an assistant editor of the scholarly journal Ab Aeterno (Athens). Other than having written hundreds of articles and pamphlets over the course of thirty years, his recent books include: Revolution from Above, The Parihaka Cult, Artists of the Right, Stalin: The Enduring Legacy, The Psychotic Left, The Banking Swindle, and introductions to Oscar Wilde’s The Soul of Man Under Socialism, Hilaire Belloc’s Europe and the Faith, and Yockey’s Imperium. " [1]

"For a particularly germane example of the contemporary far-right appropriation of anthroposophical ideas see Kerry Bolton, Rudolf Steiner & The Mystique of Blood & Soil: The Volkisch Views of the Founder of Anthroposophy, Paraparaumu 1999." [1]

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