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"Kazimierz Gozdz has focused his professional energies on the creation and renewal of organizational learning communities. He has worked with leaders in business, government, education and the non-profit sector on issues related to knowledge creation, leadership, operational excellence and fundamental organizational transformation. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Chemistry, Kazimierz began his business career as plant manager for the Continental Seasoning Company in Teaneck, N.J. There he supervised the blending and packaging of food seasoning for large scale food processors, and developed an interest in highly effective teams and operational excellence. Kazimierz shifted his focus to the art and practice of community building in organizations. In 1987, he joined the Foundation for Community Encouragement and became a student of M. Scott Peck. There he learned to facilitate collective intelligence, and to lead communities through developmental renewal. Having been influenced by Peck’s psychosocialspiritual developmental model of individual and communal growth, in 1989 Kazimierz enrolled in a Ph.D. Program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto California to deepen his knowledge of optimum human performance. As part of this program, in 1994 Kaz began a four year internship with Peter Senge at the M.I.T. Organizational Learning Center in Boston, Mass. He was the Center’s Liason Officer for The Army War College in Carlile Penn. and the Shell Oil Company in Houston, TX. There he integrated Peck’s model for community building with Senge’s theory and practice of Learning Organizations. Working with Shell’s CEO, Philip Carroll, Peter Senge and Joseph Jaworski, they developed a large scale corporate renewal strategy to transform Shell Oil into a learning organization. After completing his internship, Kazimierz turned his attention to his doctoral research where he focused on Michael Polanyi’s heuristic inquiry and knowledge creation methodologies. In 1999, he finished his thesis, A Transpersonal Heuristic Inquiry into a Learning Organization Undergoing Transformation, and then initiated a 12-year action research project to apply these practices to fundamental long term organizational renewal. Kaz became a consulting member of The Decurion Corporation, in Los Angeles, CA where he filled the role of Director of Organizational and Human Development. There he led four subsidiary companies: The Robertson Properties Group, (a Real Estate Developer), Arc Light Cinemas, Consolidated Theatres, and Pacific Theaters through a developmental renewal process. After completing this action research project in 2009, Kazimierz co-founded Generon International, LLC. There he and Joseph Jaworski co-developed the process of Generative Discovery. Kaz currently lives in Alamo, California."[1]


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